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Established in 1989, Philmont Academy is one of the best Performing Arts schools in America. We vow to give students their creative independence and enable them to spread their wings and explore all career options. We promise to ensure that we will be with our students every step of the way to success.

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Chelsea Vance | 18 | Senior | Singer | FC: Taylor Momsen | OPEN

BIO/About Me: Chelsea once attended Philmont before, but left due to ‘illness.’ Truth is, she left due to addiction to drugs. She went to a rehabilitation center but because she’s 18, she checked out early and re-enrolled to Philmont. None of her friends know about her addiction because she’s really good at hiding it. She can be very moody when she wants to and can be sort of a bitch to those who don’t know her. She’s the first one to say she doesn’t care about something, when it actually tears her apart. Showing her true emotions has never been something she’s good at.


Friendships: Roxanne Ryan (Cher Lloyd), Samantha Biscario (Demi Lovato)

Roxanne “Roxie” Ryan | 17 | Junior | Singer | FC: Cher Lloyd | TAKEN

BIO/About Me: Roxie dances to the beat of a different drum, as her father likes to put it. She’s always been the type to do what she wants and not care about what happens after. She’s a person of impulse, she’s gotten tattoo’s, piercings, clothes, and even applied to Philmont on impulse. When she found out she got accepted, she wanted to just call and say it was a mistake. Her parents thought it was time she accounted for her actions and made her go. So here she is, at a school she doesn’t want to be, around kids she really could care less about. Only two years till graduation. 


Friends: Samantha Biscario (Demi Lovato), Chelsea Vance (Taylor Momsen)

William “Will” Carson | 17 | Junior | Actor | FC: Tyley Posey | OPEN

BIO/About Me: Growing up, Will has always taken care of his little sister (Ariana Grande). So while he’s at Philmont his goal is to stray as far away from her as possible. It’s not that he’s ashamed of her, it’s just that Kiley seems to get into trouble that he always seems to have to clean up. Of course he’ll converse with her and hang out with her, as long as there’s nobody around, but that’s as far as he’ll take it. It’s not like he denies they’re related, but it’s not like he shouts it to the world. He’s never been materialistic, but he’ll buy anything to impress Kaylin (Victoria Justice) and win her heart. Even if it means throwing his morals and values away.

Sibling(s): Kiley Carson (Ariana Grande)

Relationship: Single, crush on Kaylin Melo (Victoria Justice)

Friends with: Alex Benson (Harry Styles), Kaylin Melo (Victoria Justice), Daniel Miller (Justin Bieber)

End Game: Up To Player.

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Gabriel “Gabe” Carter | 17 | Junior | Dancer | FC: Roshon Fegan | OPEN

Bio/About Me: Gabe has always been the life of the party, whether he’s throwing it or attending. Even though he’s apart of the “cool crowd,” he couldn’t pick up a girl to save his life. He’s always been the ‘party now, study later’ type of guy when it comes to school. He’s the type to always keep it real and show everyone who he is no matter what. He’s close to his little sister Melody (Jasmine Villegas) and he tries to protect her all the time. It bothers him when he sees a guy talking to her or even looking at her.

Sibling(s): Melody Carter (Jasmine Villegas)

Relationship: Single 

End Game: Up to Player

Hayden Panettiere FC needed in Philmont Academy! :) 

  • Kristen Sanders
  • Junior
  • 17 years old
  • Dancer + Actress

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(We are both a para and bracket rpg)

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Zac Efron FC needed for Philmont Academy! :) 

  • Joshua Miller
  • 18 years old
  • Senior
  • Actor

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(We are both a para and bracket rpg)

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Anonymous wrote: "Daniel is open?"

No, he was recently closed. :)

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Drew Evans | Sophomore | 16 | Actor | FC: Luke Bilyk | OPEN

Bio/About Me: Even though it’s Drew’s first year here, he’s already making a name for himself. He often competes with his brother Noah (Taylor Lautner) over who can get the most numbers, who can hook up with the most girls, or who can get the most touch-downs. They turn anything into a competition, which almost always ends in fighting. Being the youngest in the family he’s often babied at home, so here his goal is to make sure everyone knows he’s not that little baby. He has a bit of a temper and it can be set off by the smallest things. He’s very good at hiding his feelings so you wouldn’t know something was wrong with him unless you knew him well enough. He’s crushing on Melody Carson (Jasmine Villegas) but doesn’t know how to show it. She’s often the main person he blows up on.

Relationship: Crush on Melody Carson (Jasmine Villegas)


Noah Evans (Taylor Lautner)

Aria Evans (Shay Mitchell)

End game: Up To Player.