"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger."


Established in 1989, Philmont Academy is one of the best Performing Arts schools in America. We vow to give students their creative independence and enable them to spread their wings and explore all career options. We promise to ensure that we will be with our students every step of the way to success.


Samantha Biscario | 17 | Junior | Singer | FC: Demi Lovato | TAKEN

Bio/About Me: Samantha has always been known as the little therapist to everyone she’s known. If you ever have a problem, Sam would be the first one willing to help out. She tries to always give people the benefit of the doubt and refuses to pass judgement on anyone. She believes everyone deserves a second chance and has a hard time saying no, which often leads her to trouble. Music is the one thing that keeps her sane. Even though she’s great at giving advice she often has a hard time following her own. She’s very observant of everything and everyone around her. Her biggest trouble is trying to keep herself happy.

Relationship: Ex of Dustin Carmello (Louis Tomlinson)

Friendship: Adrian De La Cruz (Zayn Malik), Brielle Vienna (LIGHTS), Maxine Chase (Amanda Bynes), Alex Benson (Harry Styles), Lexie Concord (Selena Gomez), Payton Philips (Jojo Levesque)

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