"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger."


Established in 1989, Philmont Academy is one of the best Performing Arts schools in America. We vow to give students their creative independence and enable them to spread their wings and explore all career options. We promise to ensure that we will be with our students every step of the way to success.


Adrian De La Cruz | 18 | Senior | Singer + Dancer | FC: Zayn Malik | TAKEN 

Adrian’s always been quite the trouble-maker. Growing up, he never had an easy life. His father was incredibly abusive, and his mother was never really ever in the picture. Due to his torturous past, he’s developed a few unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking. Many see him as completely fearless as well as intimidating. He’ll do just about anything to hide what’s going on inside him, and many say he has pride issues. He has a hard time opening up about anything, and uses humor as a sort of mask. People have always judged him for the things he’s done or the things he does, but despite that fact, he’s still trying to keep himself together and get somewhere in life. And though he can come across as heartless at times, and his mischievous behavior often leads him into trouble, there’s still a light hidden somewhere inside him that has yet to find its way out. He may not always come across as friendly, but he can make anyone laugh, and he’s always making jokes. He’s the class clown of the crew. 

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