"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger."


Established in 1989, Philmont Academy is one of the best Performing Arts schools in America. We vow to give students their creative independence and enable them to spread their wings and explore all career options. We promise to ensure that we will be with our students every step of the way to success.


David Tyler | 17 | Junior | Actor | FC: Logan Lerman | TAKEN

Bio/About MeWell kept to himself, David Tyler was never one to be in the spotlight, which often leaves most with a question: why does he want to go to Philmont? It’s simple; Philmont was the only absolution for him in his pursuit to escape his parents and their expectations. For years now, they’ve abandoned him and stayed with him in sporadic occasions, and therefore, he simply does not know what it’s like to have parents. He was fine without them growing up, why have them now? So, he ran in the hopes of finding something he could live for, since his parents are most certainly not in the picture. 

For all of David’s life, he’s been an expert at playing the piano and is moderate at acting. He keeps to himself most of the time and is generally short in words, so don’t expect him to be completely obnoxious; no matter how much he knows you, he’s always been the epitome of cryptic and that’s how it’ll be. Most people think that that’s why he’ll be a decent actor; the way he’s got the ability to play many roles, but keep quiet behind the scenes


Hope Tyler (Miley Cyrus)

relationship: Ex of Felicity Rose (Malese Jow), 

End game: Up to player.

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